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Y2 Yoga: Practice in 12,000 Square Feet of Freshly Renovated Space


Y2 Yoga can be summed up in statistics: 3 studios, nearly 100 classes per week, 12,000 square feet of space, and more than 18,000 practitioners. Of course, none of these numbers truly reflect the work that Y2's instructors do on a daily basis creating fitter bodies and healthier minds.

If you want to learn more about yoga and try the practice for the first time, come to Y2 101. As its name suggests, this class teaches the basics. Master fundamental poses, breathing exercises, and proper alignment at Y2 101 before moving onto Y2 Single Shot. This sweat session guides you through the 14 foundational postures for which Y2 is known, just a single series that includes core work, inversions, and standing poses. If you're already a seasoned yogi, head to Y2 Superflow. The intermediate class moves at a faster clip and pushes students to move beyond their comfort zones to learn new moves.