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Try a Destination Salad at Chopt Creative Salad Co.


Chopt Creative Salad Co. transforms the simple salad into an entree that's more than just an afterthought. Its team travels far and wide to glean inspiration from all around the country and the world, bringing the flavors of different countries to your bowl in the form of a colorful and unique salad.

Since a Chopt just opened in Charlotte within the last few months, you can easily swing by for a salad on your way home from work or on your lunch break. Try one of the "destination salads," which are all inspired by different regions of the world. The Creole Shrimp Bowl evokes the American South with its spicy shrimp, bacon-corn salad, and pickled green beans over lettuce. If you're concerned about calories, opt for one of the light salads, such as the Mediterranean falafel featuring quinoa-cauliflower "rice", kale, and lemon tahini sauce.